Walking Trail Route of Agios Georgios

Walking Trail Route of Agios Georgios

The Byzantine monastery of Agios Georgios, built in a short distance from Asprovalta, on the mountain of Kerdyllia, can be a destination for any visitor who is interested in combining his vacation with a refreshing hike!

Walking Route of Agios Georgios, Asprovalta

Starting from the center of the village of Asprovalta, after about 2 km we reach the church of Agios Spyridon. (Here the visitor can reach by car). A few meters away from this point begins our walking route!

It is an uphill hiking path, however passable and without much difficulty!

The visitor will meet many species of flora such as impressive plane trees, beeches, oaks, arbutus, chestnuts, will enjoy the sounds and smells of nature, and if he is lucky he will meet streams with running water about halfway!

Continuing, always under the shade of huge imposing trees, after a journey of about an hour and a half it reaches the church of Agios Georgios.

At a distance of 5-10′, there is a pleasant surprise!

A unique point on the big rock, visible from Asprovalta, from where one can enjoy the view of the whole Strymonikos gulf!

If the atmosphere is clean, it can distinguish the peninsula of Mount Athos to the west and the island of Thassos to the east !!!

Hiking trail : Agios (St) Spiridonas – Agios (St) Georgios

Length: 2933 m
Τrackpoints: 492

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