Zeitelik Thessaloniki Greece

Cemetery of Zeitenlik

Zeitenlik allied military cemetery in Thessaloniki, is the largest military cemetery of the Balkan peninsula, where 20,500 soldiers of the Entente allies have been buried, who fought in the Macedonian Front during the First World War.

Zeitenlik allied military cemetery in Thessaloniki

It is located on the Lagkada Street. It is assumed that this location was chosen because of the existence of the Catholic cemetery of St. Vincent and Paul nearby, but also the alteration of neighboring  Lazarist’s buildings into a hospital.

The cemetery is divided into five sections, according to the nationality of those who died:

  • French section: 8.089
  • Serbian section: 7.500
  • Italian section: 3.000
  • British section: 1.600
  • Russian section: 400

The Serbian cenotaph that is located at the entrance of the cemetery, was built in the period between 1928-1936. At the base of the ossuary, the bones of 5.500 Serbian soldiers are kept, a fact that makes it an important national place of pilgrimage for the Serbs


Source : Wikipedia

Photos Credits : inthessaloniki.com

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