Cave of Alistrati

Cave of Alistrati

The Cave of Alistrati is located 68 km from Asprovalta , NE of Serres.

Cave of Alistrati, Serres Greece

Due to the small thickness of the overlying layers (10-30m.), the cave temperature is relatively high (15° -17° C), and due to reduced ventilation, the temperature is maintained in winter.

In the cave we find a lovely hall 8m in height, which is the antechamber. From the antechamber, various arcades start with great height and rich decoration of stalactites and stalagmites.

The main sectors of the cave are developed left and right of the entrance and begin with a large chamber, the receiving chamber has dimensions of 60 m. wide, 100 m. long and 20 to 30 m. in height.

As the visitor goes in, the decorations becomes richer with white stalactites forming hanging curtains. Other chambers (rooms) of 8 or 10 m in height follow.

From the receiving chamber and back to the right starts a second gallery or corridor almost parallel with that we saw. We face some impressive red stalactites, bearing the name “FIRE”, their height reaches 35 m. approximately. At one point the two galleries join still wider and higher, while from the roof hang huge and magnificent stalactites 15 m. in length.

There are levels in the cave that are countless and that are not yet known.

The cave is open on the following times :

During the summer season: Daily: 9:00 to 19:00

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