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Successful Asprovalta women: Taking care of every guest in the first place

08/17/2019 Z.S. South Serbia Info

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The founders and members of “Visit Asprovalta Greece“, (Apartments and Rooms Rental Association) successful and always smiling, are ready at any moment to welcome guests and tourists in this beautiful seaside town of Volvi Municipality.

In addition to providing information on Asprovalta’s facilities and accommodations, members of the association also endeavor to provide tourists with additional facilities such as concerts and other free-of-charge promenade events. They also organize creative workshops involving young people of all nationalities, thus exchanging culture and customs.

While taking care of guests comes first, the Association also cares about its members, protecting their rights, often from unfair competition. Although they say that this tourist season is good, they still cannot help but look at neighboring Turkey, which this year has lowered the prices of accommodation and arrangements, and with state subsidies, has become more than competitive.

As in the surrounding towns and cities, Asprovalta has the largest number of tourists from Serbia, followed by Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. “Enthusiasm is what keeps us going, we love our place and we have great guests for many years. Individual families, they have been coming to us for 10-20 years.

It’s no longer just a host-guest relationship, it’s become a friendship,” said Sofia Farasopulu, Tanja and Elena Lambura tape. They say they have the support of the local leadership of the municipality of Volvi and the mayor of Diamantis himself, not only to help organize cultural and entertainment events, but also to promote Asprovalta at tourism fairs in the region.

Asprovalta, a well-known resort in the Greek municipality of Volvi in ​​the immediate vicinity of Stavros and Nea Vrasna, is a true paradise for tourists who choose to fly in the place.

The long sandy beach that connects Asprovalta, Stavros and Nea Vrasna, practically just along the promenade and the city center, is an ideal place for families and young people alike to enjoy, because of the many locales with excellent food, good music and service.

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