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Asprovalta beach Greece

Asprovalta is popular destination for a family holidays.

The main assets are extraordinarily kind and forthcoming hosts, acceptable prices, a myriad of affordable accommodation units and exceptionally convenient beach.

The Beach

Although for the very small children Asprovalta Beach should features steeper entry into water, which is why you should have them accompanied before they had it overcame – kids will have plenty of sand to build castles on each one of them.

What additionally appeals to people coming to the beach is remarkable cleanness and longitude, which allows you to be completely alone no matter the season. There are sun beds and parasols that can be used for free, while others can be used without limitations for a price of a drink at a beach bar.


Accommodation units for larger and smaller families are plentiful in Asprovalta. New and renovated private mansions, with nicely manicured lawns and yards in peaceful neighborhood, offer diverse accommodation, ranging from apartments with two and three bedrooms to larger suites.

Beach of Asprovalta is, in general, no more than 10 minutes away by walk from any accommodation, and you can find very well equipped supermarkets, confectionery shops, pharmacies and infirmaries nearby.

Access is easy from every direction, and you can find children’s playroom with all desirable toys. Asprovalta is a destination for peaceful and relaxing vacation, but for an ideal family vacation.

Asprovalta also boasts complementary facilities for children’s entertainment; in this resort area you can rent a bike, and play hockey or pinball.

Promenades of Asprovalta are very pleasant, especially during evening hours, with Mediterranean vegetation and benches lining the esplanade and an occasional water fountain.